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A Putting Course is a varied type of golf course wherein play is carried out by putting the ball throughout the length of the holes. It is similar to a mini golf course, but the main differentiator between these two types is the turf on which play is carried out.

A putting course is made of natural turf grass, just like a normal golf course, whereas, a mini golf course is constructed using synthetic or artificial turfs. This basically indicates that, the former will be like any other golf course, but, instead to taking full shots, a player will be putting throughout till he/she ultimately holes the ball.

Putting golf courses are very popular amongst resorts and hotels throughout the United States as well as the United Kingdom. They are known to be an excellent source of entertainment for people visiting these resorts during their vacations that in turn provide a good source of side income for the resorts themselves. 

Looking at this concept from an individual investment perspective, a putting course does not require large financial investment for development, which is totally in opposite to the case of a fully-fledged golf course.

If an investor has a piece of land located somewhere in or near the city center then this kind of structure can be made immensely popular among the masses, consequently leading to generation of huge revenues and quick return on investment.

Additional facilities like small confectionary stands or a mini restaurant becomes an added attraction for customers and it provides further revenues to the investors. Therefore, the benefit of such a unique concept lies in the fact that people of all kinds can participate in playing golf without actually having to invest in learning the game from scratch. This in itself creates the popularity of playing the game, which would be different when it comes to a proper golf course. 


  1. An opportunity to increase awareness about golf to the residents.

  2. Lush Green Facility.

  3. Family entertainment.

  4. Adding aesthetics to the property.

  5. Nice view from the adjacent real estate.

  6. Golf themed parties can be planned around the putting course.

  7. A value addition without much of an extra cost than a normal landscaped park.