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Investing in a miniature golf business can be a lucrative opportunity for various reasons. Whether you are looking to change careers or expand an existing location, the primary motivation for most investors is to generate a return on their investment. This page aims to provide insights into the potential revenue that can be achieved in the miniature golf business.

Golf has been a beloved sport for many years, and one of its most challenging and exciting aspects is the putting game. Putting requires golfers to exhibit control over the speed and accuracy of the ball. As the popularity of putting grew, the concept of miniature golf courses emerged. While early miniature golf courses primarily focused on the skill aspect of putting, modern courses, like the ones created by us, are designed to entertain individuals of all ages.

We take miniature golf to the next level by incorporating custom themes, water features such as waterfalls, fountains, and streams, intricate landscaping, caves, fiberglass animals, and wooden structures. By integrating these elements, they can create PGA-style miniature golf courses that not only provide a challenge but also offer an entertaining experience for customers.

With their extensive experience in the industry, We can guide and support investors in setting up and operating a successful miniature golf course. We can assist in the course layout by providing criteria drawings tailored to the specific property. Additionally, we can help investors avoid operational problems by providing guidance on establishing effective daily operating procedures.

By investing in a miniature golf business, individuals can tap into a popular and enduring leisure activity that attracts a wide range of customers. Miniature golf courses offer a unique and enjoyable experience for families, friends, and individuals of all ages, making them a popular choice for recreational outings, parties, and events. With the right planning, design, and operational strategies, a well-executed miniature golf business can attract a steady stream of customers and generate significant revenue.

Investing in a miniature golf business provides an opportunity to combine leisure, entertainment, and entrepreneurial endeavors. With the guidance and expertise offered by companies like Mini Golf India, investors can increase their chances of creating a successful and profitable venture in the miniature golf industry.

Supplemental activities to miniature golf.       

  •         Go Kart Track

  •         Batting Cages

  •         Bumper Cars (Spin Zone, Lazer Fury 360, Flip Zone)

  •         Bumper Boats (Shockwave Electric Bumper Boat)

  •         Redemption Games

  •         Falcon Lazer Battle 360 game room attraction

  •         Laser Tag

  •         Ropes Courses

  • Advertising and promotional costs

  • First, second, and third year budget forecast

  • Projected return on investment before and after taxes


Population in a surrounding trade area (20 kms)  and population in immediate trade area (5 kms).

  •     Social and economic breakdown of residents within both trade areas.

  •     Auto and traffic count in immediate area of proposed installation.

  •     Number of schools in trade areas.

  •     Median income in area.

  •     Other or same recreational activities available in area.

  •     Real estate trends, both residential and commercial.

  •     Unemployment ratio for area (if available).

  •     Growth characteristics if trade area (population trends last 5 years).

  •     Size and availability of parcel land.

  •     Cost of land and proposed improvements.

  •     Ratio of improvements to land cost.

  •  Obtain financing for land and improvements.

  •     Number of employees required

  •     Number of hours open to public

  •     Weather conditions as it would affect the number of days open per year