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The aim of this presentation is to explore the opportunity of designing various formats of Golf in small parcel of land. We call them Boutique Golf Facilities. We have categorized them as per the size of land.

Area : Facility Name

150 – 250 sqm : 9 Hole Miniature  / Mini Golf Course (Indoor)

300 – 500 sqm : 9 Hole Miniature /  Mini Golf Course (Outdoor)

300 – 500 sqm : Putting Green with 6-9 Cups

500 – 1000 sqm : 9 Hole Putting Course

2500 – 5000 sqm : 9/18 Hole Putting Course

5000 – 10000 sqm : 9/18 Putting Golf Course with Putting Green & Practice Nets

3 – 4 Acres : 3 / 6 Hole Pitch & Putt Golf Course

4 – 6 Acres : 6 /9 Hole Pitch & Putt Golf Course with Driving Range

How much land is needed for an 18-hole miniature golf course?

An outdoor course will usually have some elevation changes that make it visible to the drive by traffic and draw attention to the course. Waterfalls and water features also add to the appeal. The outdoor footprint is usually larger than an indoor course. The average area for an outdoor mini golf course is 22,000 sq. ft. Miniature golf courses can be built in unique spaces and we can use as little area as 13,000 sq. ft. and have gone up to as large as 30,000 sq. ft.

How much space is needed for an indoor mini golf course?

The great feature of miniature golf course is that is does not need a set dimension or a square footprint. The course can curve around other attractions and the space used can be unique. An average area for an indoor course will use 6,500 sq. ft. but can go as small as 2,500 sq. ft. or as big as 10,000 sq. ft. Usually when building indoors, you will usually use a smaller area than an outdoor mini golf course.

Can Grandma and Grandpa play miniature golf?

They sure can! Not only them but mom, dad, brother and sister can play. The reason why miniature golf is usually one of the highest grossing attractions at a family entertainment center is that anyone can play. There are no restrictions as to who can play. Our courses are ADA compliant so someone in a wheel chair can play. The best part is that it is a wholesome activity that you can actually do together as a family.

What maintenance do I need to do for the course?

Very little on a daily basis. The daily maintenance is just walking the course on occasions and picking up any debris you may find. Depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors, you may have a daily watering of plants and shrubs. A lot of people will install a drip watering system, and have it timed to go on as needed. Depending on if you are a seasonal operation or year-round operation you will want to clean the ponds and streams as needed. Outdoor locations may need it more frequently. Scorecards are the only supplies that you will need to replenish regularly depending on the quantity that you order.

Do I need approvals to build a miniature golf course?

We suggest you check with your local governing body to find out about approvals and permits. Miniature golf courses are not built as often as office buildings or other commercial developments, so your local governing body does not deal with them on a regular basis. You may even be the first miniature golf course to be proposed in your area and therefore it is not uncommon for some locations to require the development to get a special use permit or variance on the proposed property. Zoning approval or project approval is usually first and then you most likely will need to get building permits.

How much money will a miniature golf course make?

This depends on many factors and one of the biggest ones is your location. Several other factors can include direct and indirect competition, your population base and demographics, local trade customers or tourist based locations. For a more comprehensive break down and figures, please go to our Why Invest? page.

Do I need a themed mini golf course?

This really depends on your market and your personal preference. If you are in a popular tourist market with competition, you may want a themed course to separate yourself from the other courses and to draw attention to the course. Most people think of themed courses as just the visual part of it but adding some animation and audio to some props can make it especially memorable.

Can a standalone miniature golf course be successful?

A lot of standalone miniature golf courses are in tourist markets that get new customers every day or every week. Some local trade markets will start out with mini golf but have plans to add to the location in the coming years. The more attractions you have at your location the larger draw you have to bring in more people and they are more likely to stay longer and spend more money.