Why Invest in a Miniature Golf Business?

You Want a Return on Your Investment

Why Invest? People make investments for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you are looking to change careers and want to get into the miniature golf business or are adding on to an existing location. The one common denominator most people have is they want a return on their investment. Find out on this page what a potential revenue is on a miniature golf business.

For many years, people have enjoyed the game of golf. One of the most difficult and exciting aspects of golf is the putting game. Putting challenges the golfer’s ability to control the speed and accuracy of the ball. As putting grew in popularity, the miniature golf business was developed. Many of the first miniature golf courses were flat and were only concerned with the skill part of the putting game. Our miniature golf courses, though, are based not only on skill, but also the entertainment of all ages. Using custom themes, waterfalls, water fountains and streams, landscaping, caves, fiberglass animals, and wooden structures, We Construction can create a PGA style, skilled miniature golf course that will entertain as well as challenge the customers.

With our experience, we can show you how to set up and operate a successful miniature golf course. We can help you lay out the course by providing criteria drawings for your piece of property. Furthermore, we can help you avoid some operational problems by assisting you with the set-up of your daily operating procedures.


Below is a list of criteria you want to consider for your new business:

  •     Population in a surrounding trade area (20 kms)  and population in immediate trade area (5 kms).
  •     Social and economic breakdown of residents within both trade areas.
  •     Auto and traffic count in immediate area of proposed installation.
  •     Number of schools in trade areas.
  •     Median income in area.
  •     Other or same recreational activities available in area.
  •     Real estate trends, both residential and commercial.
  •     Unemployment ratio for area (if available).
  •     Growth characteristics if trade area (population trends last 5 years).
  •     Size and availability of parcel land.
  •     Cost of land and proposed improvements.
  •     Ratio of improvements to land cost.
  •     Supplemental activities to miniature golf.
    •         Go Kart Track
    •         Batting Cages
    •         Bumper Cars (Spin Zone, Lazer Fury 360, Flip Zone)
    •         Bumper Boats (Shockwave Electric Bumper Boat)
    •         Redemption Games
    •         Falcon Lazer Battle 360 game room attraction
    •         Laser Tag
    •         Ropes Courses
  •     Obtain financing for land and improvements.
  •     Number of employees required
  •     Number of hours open to public
  •     Weather conditions as it would affect the number of days open per year
  •     Advertising and promotional costs
  •     First, second, and third year budget forecast
  •     Projected return on investment before and after taxes
"Entertainment foR generations"



  • Mini golf will be a good entertainment activity for people who have a long waiting in terminals for their flights.
  • Majority of foreign fliers are well acquainted with mini golf, hence it becomes an effective time pass during transit flights and wait over’s.
  • Revenues will be maximum, even at subsidized rates as number of fliers is in many hundreds and the structure will definitely attract substantial amount of customers on a daily basis.
  • It requires only one to two people to run the whole structure and maintenance is very minimal, hence will yield good amount of profits overall.


Hotels and resorts:

  • People look for good entertainment sources within the hotel when on a vacation; hence mini golf can be the best attraction for guests at a particular hotel or resort.
  •  The unique designs and crazy obstacles makes mini golf eye appealing and will be a popular attraction for kids of guests, who can leave their children at the course for a little while when they need to have some time of their own.
  • A mini golf course acts as a value addition to the hotel/resort as prospective guests look for potential entertainment sources before booking a particular hotel/resort.
  • Mini golf facilities can be put as part of the holiday package for guests or a nominal playing charge can be levied per round which ultimately will ensure maximum profitability in terms of value addition as well as revenue.



  • Malls have an influx of people each day who look for activities to participate in with their families and a mini golf course is the only structure which can accommodate the whole family while keeping the enjoyment factor in mind.
  • There is no age limit to enjoy a round on a mini golf course and it does not require any skill to play it; hence the customer base will be huge.
  •  Operational and maintenance costs are a bare minimal as it only takes 1 to 2 people to run the whole structure; hence profits will be maximum.
  • A mini golf course allows for a quick turnover of people as it can accommodate about 30 to 40 people in 1 hour; hence it can generate higher revenues by the hour.



  • Value addition to office work place as it will make the company unique in possessing a mini golf course within the vicinity.
  • Mini golf is the perfect business environment entertainment solution as it provides mental and physical relaxation to the employees, and keeps them energized, ultimately leading to higher productivity.
  • Gives a good impression to visitors and prospective employees regarding the company’s facilities.