mini golf!!!


  • We are a passion driven team, determined to introduce and spread the popularity of  “Mini Golf” in India.
  • Under supervision of Highly enthusiastic professionals, we are providing our best to reach every individual, making one of the most leisurable game assessable to all over a decade.
  • A decade full of successful associations on various fronts and with satisfied clientele, more on commercial purpose.
  • Now we are Reintroducing ourselves and providing the game for more personal purpose. So as to deliver the custom made product to every individual  place. Be it is his office recreational area or rooftop of his house.   



  • Custom made leisure that you deserve.
  • Homemade happiness at your doorstep
  • A product that entertains your many generations
  • Making a product so customized that fits in your dream and imagination.


  • We aim to provide you with the best product & equipment, best of services and a lot of fun.
  • To provide a sport that reduces the generation gap.
  • To be committed to providing safe, fun, relaxing, wholesome and affordable entertainment to the local community through superior customer service and cutting edge entertainment facilities where making Golf fun is our specialty! We strive to ensure distinctive quality service, enhance participation and lift the standard of life of our generation to a whole new level within the budget and skill level