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We are a passion driven team, determined to introduce and spread the popularity of  “MINI GOLF” in India.

Under supervision of Highly enthusiastic professionals, we are providing our best to reach every individual, making one of the most enjoyable game assessable to all over a decade.

A decade full of successful associations on various fronts and with satisfied clientele, more on commercial purpose.

Now we are Reintroducing ourselves and providing the game for more personal purpose. So as to deliver the custom made product to every individual  place. Be it is his office recreational area or rooftop of his house.  


  • Golf have always been considered as a game of rich & for corporate honchos. But now we bring the leisure and excitement of the game to everyone.

  • Here comes our product in picture – Mini Golf. A wooden plank with grass carpet, and a fascinating obstacle to gear up your game.

  • And foremost advantage of this is Customization. As per your premises and budget you can opt for 3 hole, 6 hole and 9 hole set.

  • And providing it to schools, MNCs, corporate offices, malls, resorts, high end societies and clubs and we could tie up with Architects to make it desirable part of the upcoming real estate ventures.

  • To develop and market a product which showcases elegance and marks the stand of sophistication without restricting it to the upper class society.